Fantastic Robot Toys for Your Kids in 2020

While robots have yet to become a household presence in our society, we cannot deny that these are also popular items. We see them in several movies, such as A.I. and Transformers, and in commerce and trade, such as in automobile manufacturing. We are fascinated by their mechanical capabilities, even as adults.

For these reasons, robot toys are among the most popular gifts for kids and even for kids-at-heart. Their interactive nature makes them valuable learning tools too, especially for building cognitive functioning, social cooperation, and problem-solving skills.

Here are our top 15 picks for robot toys for kids. Like with all toys, we suggest following the recommended age limit set by the manufacturer. This way, your child can get the benefits from their regular use, such as enhanced problem-solving skills.

remote control car with night vision

Note: For purposes of brevity, “he” is used to denote both boys and girls.

Fantastic Robot Toys for Your Kids

  1. Sphero Star Wars BB-8 Droid

The Star Wars franchise continues to give us several lovable characters, many of which are robots. Aside from R2-D2, we now have the BB-8 Droid, a lovable robot first introduced in The Force Awakens.
Your child can now have BB-8 as a toy, albeit a smaller version of the original robot in the movie.

But don’t let the smaller size fool you, because this robot toy has several lovable features too. These include a unique programming where you can use an Android or iOS device to control it, as well as virtual holographic videos.

What’s Great About It: We like that it appears to have artificial intelligence, more advanced than most kid’s toys. According to parents who bought it for their kids, it has a highly adaptive persona that changes depending on your child’s unique preferences.

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  1. WowWee Miposaur

The blockbuster movie, Jurassic World, is a goldmine for toy manufacturers, especially when it comes to the dinosaurs. The velociraptors, a vicious species of dinosaurs, are among the most popular, so the Miposaur robot toy benefited from it.

Miposaur is a dream for robot enthusiasts for many reasons. You will appreciate that it can be controlled via voice recognition, hand gestures, and path tracing.

You and your child will have fun controlling its movements, such as dancing, feeding on prey, and giving chase, while the Beacon Sense trackball makes it easy to control.

What’s Great About It: We like that it can engage older children and teenagers with its advanced controls while also introducing robotics to younger kids. Every child in your home will find something to love about it, whether it’s the fine details of its craftsmanship or its remote control options.

  1. OWI 14-in-1 Solar Robot

What do you get when you combine basic robotic technology and solar power? You get a 14-in-1 Solar Robot.

arduino robot arm source code

Your older kids will enjoy the opportunity to build 14 different robot modes, from cars to critters, all of which are fully functioning robots. You don’t have to worry about their fun being limited by batteries because the build-your-own-robot works on solar power.
What’s Great About It: We like it that children can build their robots based on the templates provided or create their own designs. The options promote their design creativity, analytical thinking, and social cooperation skills. We also like the eco-friendly and cost-efficient solar power used for it.

  1. Zoob Bot 50 Piece Building Set

Lego blocks mixed with a robot-building kit is the best way to describe the Zoob Bot, a kit containing 50 parts including motor wheel assemblies, tires, and wheels.

Your child will like that it isn’t just a ready-made robot. You may even be asked to lend a helping hand in building the toy from the ground up, so to speak, which is a great bonding opportunity.

What’s Great About It: We wish that the robot doesn’t need batteries in order to light up its eyes, but this is a minor drawback. We like it because it’s a build-your-robot toy that encourages creative and cooperative play among kids. Your child should be able to build it within 30 minutes depending on his skill level, but his sense of accomplishment will likely last for days as he enjoys playing with it.

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  1. WowWee MiP Robot

The humanoid robot is becoming more popular even among children, especially among girls with their talking dolls. The MiP Robot is a humanoid robot toy that can engage kids and kids-at-heart for hours on end, thanks to its wide range of features.

You can program it to perform several tasks, exhibit behaviors including movements, and navigate around the house.

What’s Great About It: We like its highly responsive programming that allows for more advanced behaviors. We commend the manufacturers for the robot’s ability to follow objects, obey commands via hand gestures, and develop a personality. Your child will appreciate it for being such a great companion as it improves his mental development.

  1. Meccano MeccaNoid G15

The MeccaNoid is suitable for older kids because of the sheer number of its parts and the complexity of building the robot. Your pre-teen or teen will have the skills to build a personal robot from 600 parts, as well as program it according to his preferences.

You can help in programming it to respond to voice commands and play hundreds of phrases.

What’s Great About It: We like that building and programming the robot actually challenges the minds of older kids. Your child has to go outside his comfort zone of ready-to-use robots since the MeccaNoid requires assembly followed by programming and controlling with an Android or iOS device.

  1. OWI Robotic Arm Edge

The high-tech industries involved in the manufacture of automobiles, silicon chips, and machinery use robotic arms for safety and efficiency purposes. Now, your older kids can see how robotic arms work in these industries on a smaller scale.

The toy robotic arm is a completely functional replica of its larger cousins, and it also has multiple movements in its joints, namely, the digits, wrist, and elbow.

What’s Great About It: We recommend the Robotic Arm Edge for older kids who want to understand robotic technology up close, especially since joints movements in robots are among the trickiest to master. Plus, your child will have hours of fun in imaginative play, perhaps discovering practical applications for the robot.

  1. 4M Tin Can Robot

Sometimes, the simplest toys can provide the greatest enjoyment and educational opportunities for kids. This may well be true for the 4M Tin Can Robot, which can be almost anything that your child wants it to be.
Your son, for example, can just leave the fully assembled robot as is (i.e. the bare bones) or place it inside a container (e.g. a soda can or plastic bottle) before decorating it.

What’s Great About It: We like that it’s easy enough to assemble for an 8-year old, perhaps with a little help, yet challenging enough for a 15-year old to enjoy. Plus, the possibilities for the robot’s “body” are aplenty so your child can be as creative as he wants.

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  1. 4M Doodling Robot

Robots can be programmed to perform a wide range of tasks from assembling vehicles to drawing images.

The Doodling Robot obviously falls into the second category, a novel way for kids to enjoy two activities at once. Your child only needs to attach coloring instruments to its three arms, adjust the arms’ height and angle, and play with the robot. And voila! Your child has robot-assisted works of art to show off to his family and friends.

What’s Great About It: We like that it combines learning about the basics of robotics and the joys of drawing to create works of art. Your child’s cause-and-effect skills and creative imagination are also enhanced as he experiments with the angle and height of the doodling arms.

  1. Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends RC Transforming Bat Bot
    Batman is as popular today as it was in our time, so we’re not surprised that younger kids are fascinated by this Bat Bot. The 11-inch Batman-inspired robot can transform into the bat tank, the Cape Crusader’s famous vehicle.

Aside from the transforming robot, the set also contains a radio control unit, a Batman action figure, and colorful disks.

What’s Great About It: We like that it’s a great toy for both older and younger kids. Older kids can add it to their Batman toy collection while younger kids can play with the entire set in imaginative play. You can’t get too much of this Caped Crusader.

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